Support and guidance for families


After being off school for so long, it is only natural that many parents, carers and young people will be worried about returning to school. Here at Tanfield School, staff have maintained contact with you and your children to support you through the many changes we have faced and are facing with the return to school.

We want transition back to school to be a smooth one. We understand that there will be lots of worries associated with the return. We are here to offer our support and as TeamTanfield will work together to make this transition as settled as possible.

We are here for you.

If you would like to talk to someone in school about your child returning to school please do not hesitate to get in touch with our pastoral team:

(01207) 232 881

Year 7 Year Manager: Mr M Smith

Year 8 Year Manager: Mr G Davison

Year 9 Year Manager: Mrs N McConnell

Year 10 Year Manager: Mr G Parker

Year 11 Year Manager: Mrs M Farrell

Head of Student Guidance : Lower School Mr M Creegan

Head of Student Guidance : Upper School Mr M Heffernan

SENDCo and Designated Teacher for children who are looked after: Mrs S Johnson

Assistant SENDCo: Miss C Dixon

EduSafe® is a bank of online resources written by experts that gives you that information and if you need extra support

Welcome to our wellbeing site which offers some information regarding wellbeing and bereavement. We are acutely aware that this is a difficult period of time for many families. This site has been designed to provide information and signpost families to specialist support if and when required.

At TeamTanfield we acknowledge the need for school and communities to support each other through another period of lockdown. We hope that you find this site informative.

There are many networks in place at school to support our students, one of which is our Educational Psychologist, Dr Cleland. Dr Cleland has produced a 30 minute video to help maintain family wellbeing during COVID and beyond. This was recorded in November 2020 but still offers valuable advice for families.

This is advice for parents and carers.

The Department of Education have created a document for parents and carers, January 2021. There is lots of useful information included, specifically around mental health and wellbeing - Page 26.

Maintaining Family Wellbeing.mp4

Counselling service offered by school.

School counsellor: Lynsey Todd

Students have access to our school counselling service, students can self refer or speak to a member of staff who will do this for them. We also have a Google Classroom, the link is: lpccprx. Lynsey Todd is our school counsellor, working every Thursday and Friday.

We also promote Kooth which may be a preferred option for students. This is an anonymous online service. The link to the Kooth website can be found below.

The list of contacts below are for young people and families to access Local and National support.

Autumn newsletter 20-10.pdf


If your family have experienced bereavement recently, you may wish to inform your child's Year Manager. They will ensure that your wishes and appropriate support for your child is in place at school.

There are no limits as to how long grieving should last. Many bereaved children can be supported by their family and school. Some children may need to access specialist services. I have included three links below which you may find helpful. At school we offer structure and flexibility, your input is also important so please do not hesitate to get in touch.

This short film highlights the different emotions explored through a number of young people's personal journeys of grief and loss. More importantly, the young people describe how they now continue their loved ones legacy after receiving much needed support from Cruse/Hope Again. This film aims to provide hope in grief to anyone who has experienced a bereavement.

The last thing which I wanted to remind you of was the importance of self-care.