Manuel Hoffmann


I am a postdoctoral scholar at the Laboratory for Innovation Science at Harvard which is housed within the Digital, Data, and Design institute at Harvard Business School. I am also affiliated with the Stanford Center for Population Health Sciences.

In my research, I focus on a technological, social, and medical innovation in an open and closed environment. In my most recent work, I am particularly homing into the future of work and firm strategies around open innovation in the digital space, informing managers decisions around company campaigns and behavioral biases, as well as work implications due to artificial intelligence.

Selected Work-In-Progress

The Value of Open Source (w/ Frank Nagle and Yanuo Zhou)

When does the Past Matter? Experimental Evidence on Sunk Cost (w/ Daniel Stephenson)

The Labor Implications of Generative AI (w/ Frank Nagle, Sida Peng, and Kevin Xu)

​​Television and the Female Labor Supply (w/ Adrian Chadi and Sven Hartmann)


Television, Health, and Happiness (w/ Adrian Chadi) - Under Review

Vaccines at Work (w/ Adrian Chadi and Roberto Mosquera) - Under Review

Fairness Preferences Revisited (w/ Yinjunjie Zhang, Raisa Sara, and Catherine Eckel) - Under Review

Overcoming Peer Pressure to Make Better Health Choices (w/ Bernd Leisen and Vanessa Mertins) - Under Review


World Bank, Business-Insider, Yahoo