Grigoris  Paouris

Department of Mathematics
Texas A&M University

Τζια, Καλοκαιρι του 74

I am a Professor at the Department of Mathematics at Texas A&M University. I am working on High Dimensional Phenomena, a field that intersects Analysis, Probability, and Geometry. My research interest is in Asymptotic Functional and Convex Analysis, Concentration of measure phenomena, Functional inequalities, Convex Geometry, Random matrices, Random polynomial systems,  Computational Algebraic Geometry, Approximation Theory, Distribution of volume in convex bodies, and “Local theory” of Banach Spaces

I have been awarded a Marie Curie Fellowship and various NSF awards in Analysis and Probability, including a CAREER award (2012-2017). I was a Sloan Fellow (2011) and a Simons Fellow (2021). 

My current CV can be found here.