CHAI Youth Advisory Group

Learn skills to be an innovator and critical thinker. Tell professionals how they can better serve you. Help design programs that make going to the doctor better and easier for people like you!

The CHAI project is looking for a diverse group of young people ages 14 - 18 across the nation to be Youth Advisors!

What is "CHAI"?

CHAI stands for Comprehensive Healthcare for Adolescents Initiative. CHAI is a new project that staff at Texas A&M University are doing. We know not all youth can access healthcare services, and sometimes they don't have a good experience when they go for a checkup or appointment. So, the goal of the project is to:

  • Make it easier for youth to go to the doctor, and

  • Help youth have a better experience when they go to the doctor

The CHAI team will work with experts from all across the country to create new programs that achieve this goal. This project will focus a little more on sexual and reproductive healthcare services, but we know that all aspects of health and healthcare matter, so not everything will be about sexual health.

Who should apply?

Young people who are...

  • 14 - 18 years old

  • Willing to complete trainings on innovation skills and strategies

  • Willing to help create new programs for healthcare settings

  • Willing to advise CHAI staff to ensure programs are relevant and helpful to young people

  • Have access to a computer or tablet with internet 1-2 times a month

What will Youth Advisors do?

Being a CHAI Youth Advisor is about a 1-year commitment. If selected, over the year you will:

  • Complete 2 online trainings on: 1) systems thinking, and 2) human-centered design

  • Engage in monthly virtual "meetings," lasting 60 - 90 minutes

  • Participate in additional events/meetings as they arise (optional and upon availability)

  • Give us feedback on ideas, content, programs, and other CHAI related items

During the meetings and events you may be asked to provide feedback on ideas, share your insight and experiences, generate ideas and prototypes, test prototypes, etc.

ALL meetings, activities, and events will be virtual; so, you will need to have access to a computer or tablet with internet a couple of times each month.

*Please know a permission slip from an adult will be required if selected!!

Are there Incentives?

YES! Your time is valuable and we know that. Youth Advisors will earn incentives (probably gift cards) each month for participating in meetings and events!

How do I apply?

Depending on the number of applications we get, the process will be 2 - 3 steps.

  1. Round 1: Tell us about yourself. Fill out the Application form here.

    • Due: Oct. 2nd

  2. Round 2: Show or tell us more about your ideas for the future of healthcare!

    • Once you submit your Round 1 Form we will send you info for Round 2

    • Due: Oct. 9th

  3. Round 3: Quick interview via phone or video. *Only as needed.

    • Notified: Oct. 12th

CHAI Youth Advisors will be announced after all applications have been reviewed and interviews have been completed.

*Please know a permission slip from an adult will be required if selected!!

The input and perspectives of young people are critical to ensure CHAI develops meaningful programs that lead to positive change!

Thanks for your time and interest!

The project described was supported by Grant Number TP2AH000074-01-00 from the HHS Office of Population Affairs. Contents are solely the responsibility of the authors and do not necessarily represent the official views of the Department of Health and Human Services or the Office of Population Affairs.