Contact Information:

Email: mpeck@tamdistrict.org

Phone: (415) 924-6200 x6210, x6214

Rooms 210 and 214

Maternity Leave: I am currently out on maternity leave. Please use the following links to access the agendas of the teachers covering my classes:

0 Period: Chemistry

1st Period and 2nd Period: Chemistry

5th and 6th Period: AP Chemistry

Back to School Night: Please see the Course Documents folder for resources from Back to School Night, including Remind class codes and tutoring resources.

Much of my class content is distributed through Google Classroom. Due to the limitations of the service, only TUHSD staff and students have access to its content at this time. To help bridge this gap, I've linked an agenda as well as other important class documents under each class heading. Please feel free to contact me if you have questions!