Design Brief

Questions ....

Who will use your wearable technology design?

What features are important to them on the design and why do they need it?

How will you find out these things?

Getting the Information

You need to write a questionnaire in the form of a Google Form.

Use a combination of :-

  • closed questions - multiple choice questions
  • open questions - text or paragraph questions.

Try to use a combination of both types so you get a good range of information.

Open Questions

Closed Questions


Unlimited possible answers

Detailed answers

Allows for unexpected findings

Reveals your clients thinking

Quicker and easier for the client to answer

Easier to compare answers

Fewer irrelevant responses


Statistical analysis difficult

May be lots of useless information

More time consuming for the client to answer

The options may suggest answers

Can't provide all possible answers

Those with no opinion can respond

Clients are forced to provide simple answers

Use this link here to take you to the How To site to find out how to use Google Forms and what kind of question types are available to use.

Design Brief

You can write your design brief directly onto your project page on your site, on a doc or straight into your sketch book.

Base it on the example below and put in information that you have got from your questionnaire.


I am going to design and make a model of a ____________________.

The wearable tech design will be designed for the following target user __________________.

Initial Specifications

My _____________ must include the following features if it is to appeal to my target customer :-





(list as many as you can think of, but make sure they are all linked to what your target customer needs).