Disc Golf Program

Photo taken by Steve Moore at Camp Taloali

Photo taken by Steve Moore at Camp Taloali

Photo taken by Dustin Gross at Camp Taloali

Play Disc Golf at Camp Taloali!

Steve Moore, one of the Directors on the Camp Taloali Board, manages the Disc Golf Program at Camp Taloali for all to enjoy playing disc golf and to hold tournaments. He can be reached directly through the Camp Taloali Disc Golfers Facebook. Moore and his team of volunteers keep the course alive, beautiful, clean and ready for you to play!

It costs $5 to play and parking is free. There are two port-a-potties located strategically for the players' convenience.

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Waiver of Liability.pdf

Please be sure to print out the waiver form, fill it out and drop it in the donations box -or- after printing and filling it out, take a picture or scan it and email it to:


One waiver is sufficient for a year! Coming soon - we will be adding a drop box for waivers only on the course's information center and a lost and found station for disc lost while playing a round. More information coming pertaining how and when lost disc may be available for pick up.