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Discover the Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math all Around You!

Math and science live all around us, not just at school and in textbooks! And walkSTEM can help you explore the the world using your math and science lens. Once you see how math and science are everywhere, you'll discover your secret STEM identity and every place will be a STEM place!

You can explore 2 different games, a video scavenger hunt, Adventures, and Watch This, Do That.

There are different Adventures versions for upper elementary/middle grades and early elementary.

For Dallas area residents, the Adventures game is a fun way to visit your city sites. If you’re not a Dallas resident, you can still enjoy looking at city sites and artworks through a STEM lens!

Click the Adventures button below to learn more.

The Watch This, Do That game invites you to complete mini activities that challenge you to design, write, build, draw, estimate, create and more! Click the Watch This, Do That button below to get started.

Make sure to read the rules and then start exploring!