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Meet our senior school teaching team!

Brad Lenko is teaching in Whanau Kauri (our Year 5 cohort) Monday to Thursday, with Friday being his teaching release day. On Friday's Jonny Anderson (DP) will be in our senior school working with both Whanau Kauri and Whanau Kahikatea in our collaborative spaces.

Lynda Anderson (Team Leader of the senior school) is teaching in Whanau Kahikatea (our Year 6 leadership class) Monday to Wednesday focusing on reading, writing & collaborative inquiry learning, and takes on the Across School Lead role for our Kahui Ako ki Mohua Community of Learning on Thursday's and Friday's.

We welcome Talia Lynch (Whaea Talia) to our teaching team this year, who is in on Thursday's and Friday's in Whanau Kahikatea. She will be focusing on strand maths and weaving her magic into our inquiry learning.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to email:

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