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General Manager

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Director of Sales Dept.
Taiwan Takisawa

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Asia Pacific Elite Corp.

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Vice General Manager

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Business Dept. Section Chief

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Gifu Enterprise

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Autocam Technology

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International Sales
Taiwan Chelic

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Sales Coordinator
GMT Global

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Sales Coordinator
GMT Global

"PL6880" Linear Drive Laser Cutting Machine

CHMER's PL6880 is designed especially for high reflective and sensitive material. The machine satisfies high accuracy requirements of parts machining in aerospace, medical, 3C and electronics industries.

PL6880 features gravity-drive machine structure, which increases machine rigidity and provides high cutting efficiency; The in-house high performance linear motor has the features of high response, no vibration, and maintenance-free to provide excellent working accuracy; equipped with fiber laser source, the beam has good quality, stable power and low energy consumption; and the intelligent management system provides the instant information to achieve efficient processing management.

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"EX-2000YS" High Precision Turn-Mill Center
by Taiwan Takisawa

Taiwan Takisawa's EX-2000YS is new generation high precision turn-mill center with built-in spindle design which achieves more precise accuracy. The axial travel speed increased by 50% and the Y-axis function is enhanced by the built-in design of main and sub spindle.

Taiwan Takisawa is actively applying the module design concept, which can extent to multiple machine types at one series design to achieve the best productivity. EX-2000YS gains good evaluation after its first announcement at TIMTOS 2019, and it stood out in the low-profile exhibition atmosphere and attracted many people. The machine has announced that Taiwan machine tool maker can also achieve German and Japanese quality design levels.

For more information of TAIWAN TAKISAWA, please click the link

"CM4050" 5-Axis High-Speed Gantry Machining Center

APEC Aerospace 5-axis high-speed gantry machining center-CM4050, designed specifically for aerospace composite materials processing. This is the first Taiwan-made precision machinery to be used in the Primary Tier aerospace supply chain.

CM4050 specially designed for aerospace composite materials processing. With Box-in-Box thermal symmetry design and ultra-low center of gravity structure, CM4050 provides excellent rigidity and stability in machining; which equipped with a suction hood system for the recovery dust and auto pallet change system for moving large aerospace materials.

CM4050 conforms to UL, CUL, CSA, and CE, and provides the most complete aerospace composite processing solutions.

For more information of APEC, please click the link

"NU 550" FMS 5-Axis Machining Center
by Campro

NU 550 FMS 5-axis Machining Center, made by Campro, delivers efficiency and flexibility which is able to satisfy complex-shape machining in a single set-up and give more value to customers.

NU 550 equips 5-axis simultaneous function, one-piece monoblock column and base structure deliver the ultimate stability. Built-in twin screw and mountain type telescopic cover present greater cutting chips removal. Spindle thermal prediction and compensation reduce 80% thermal deformation.

Through FMS system with material movements system, digital control and automated program assignment can quickly adjust production schedule to achieve volume / routing flexibility.

For more information of Campro, please click the link

"AXILE Smart G6 Automation" System

The AXILE G6 Smart Automation is integrated with the award-winning ART System to adapt to the Smart Factory production line which can enhance the productivity up to 30% -200%. This is the product which not only meet the requirement of automated markets to provide the total solution for the smart manufacturing but also can strength the business competitiveness and revenue. It is the best applied to the aerospace, high-end die & mold, and medical industries.

The product provides intelligent functions of predictive maintenance, connection with ERP for automatic parts re-stocking, and energy management to optimizing the utilization rate can achieve 24/7 operation without unexpected downtime.

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"DV12" Compact Disc Type Tool Magazine
by Gifu

To fit the demands of “industry upgrade” and “compact manufacturing”, GIFU submits the "Compact Disc Type Tool Magazine", which has the following functions:

● Innovative structure design has compacted the machine volume by 40%, reduced the parts usage by 57%, and reduces the production costs by 65%.

● Applying the plane cam to replace the traditional cylindrical cam, which can reduce the stretching action dynamically and improve the dynamic tool change stability.

●  By improving the efficiency of cutter changing, it can help manufacturers to reduce the costs of production, improve the manufacturing efficiency, and create higher value.

The product can be widely used in shipbuilding, transportation, aerospace technology, 3C industry, agriculture, etc.

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by AutoCam

Double the machining speed! AutoCam presents the new Multi-spindle Roller Cam Driver tilting rotary table "122Z01A". The rotations are driven by only one servo unit, furthermore the accuracy and working ability as good as tradition one rotation models. It can carry the production volume and precision at the same time.

The transfer efficiency of Roller Cam Driver can be over 90%, two rotaries are driven by only one servo motor, and still working on heavy loading with high speed. By Roller Cam Driver, no-wear and non-backlash structure, the multi-spindle application can be working well.

For more information of AutoCam, please click the link

Thin Elector-Pneumatic Regulator

Chelic's CVTR-S thin elector-pneumatic regulator is an expandable automatic control element. Light and thin, space efficient when assembling manifolds, efficiency and productivity optimizing for working tables arrayed and crowded with materials. Quick-exhaust valve design, single circuit control for valve and body, adjustable air flow of exhausting side are the features that meet most of our customers’ needs.

The pneumatic system is a not easy to control, therefore, the whole processes are involved with PWM & PID. CVTR-S is quick in response but not affected by the diaphragm and mechanical parts, and achieve continuous adjustment of fluid pressure and flow rate that greatly reduce air consumption, improve air pressure energy conservation.

For more information of CHELIC, please click the link

Anti-Rotation Micro-Clearance Electric Cylinder
by GMT

GMT's independent research and development design patent - GECX anti-rotation self-lubricating sleeve can effectively reduce production and reduce energy consumption and low noise. It is used to replace the built-in slide rail type precision electric cylinder on the market, the volume is reduced by 20%, and the volume of the motor reverse folding specification is reduced by 30%, which effectively improves the space utilization.

The max. stroke of this product is 200 mm. It is guided by ball screw drive and patented self-lubricating sleeve to bear radial load and moment load. And can reduce the vibration when stopped.

In terms of motors, it has the advantages of simple control and simple wiring, reducing unnecessary wiring time and loss of materials. With the integrated design of drive and control, the wiring is simplified and space-saving.

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