What does the Technology Levy fund?

Classroom technology

The Technology Levy pays for equipment, software, infrastructure, training and support staff. State basic education funding provides very little support for classroom technology. Tahoma’s Technology Plan, created by a committee of parents, community members, staff & students, guides how learning is improved by using classroom technology. Among the services and equipment paid for by the levy are:

  • 9,000 computers for students and staff; five-year refresh cycle to ensure computers function properly.

  • Increasing student access to computers at school, to accelerate and enhance learning, providing necessary access to online curriculum and resources.

  • Educational and office software licenses.

  • Technicians to support equipment purchasing, installation and maintenance.

  • Technology coaches to help ensure technology is leveraged to improve learning where appropriate, as well as provide training and support for teachers in order to achieve equity and improve accountability in using classroom technology.

  • Digital tools to support students who receive special education services.

  • Servers, storage, network switches, firewalls, routers, Wi-Fi, and other infrastructure.

This is the opening statement of the technology plan:

  • "In the Tahoma School District, technology is leveraged and prioritized as a strategic investment to support empowered and engaging learning and teaching, and help ensure all students gain the Future Ready Skills necessary in order to leave our system with a valued, viable, and personalized plan for lifelong success. Technology use is prioritized where it can accelerate and improve student learning. Our technology model, developed by the Tech Model Review Committee during the fall of 2018, emphasizes that technology be used in our district to support our three essential outcomes: Empowered Learning, Future Ready Skills, and the Future Ready Plan. The core values of Equity, Sustainability, and Access guide decision-making and priority setting. We want all students to have the experiences, opportunities, and tools necessary to attain both our instructional goals and their own aspirations. This plan is integral to achieving our goals for students. The goals outlined in this plan are significant and extend beyond the four years of this levy cycle. While we intend to make considerable progress toward achieving them over the four years of the levy, we know that realistically, many of the goals reflected in this strategic plan may take up to 10 years to realize."

To read the district’s technology plan, please visit the Tahoma website: https://www.tahomasd.us/departments/technology/technology_plans

Failure of the 2018 Technology Levy interrupted funding for purchase of new equipment, system maintenance, and staff support. Reserve funds are being used as a temporary way to maintain existing equipment and infrastructure. The levy would allow Tahoma to resume a replacement cycle of five years for classroom computers.