Welcome to Tahoma School District's information page for the technology levy and the Educational Programs and Operations (EP&O) Levy

The Tahoma School District community approved two levies for students in 2020: a technology levy and an EP&O levy, which both expire in 2024.

There are critical programs, staff, school maintenance, and more that our local community has committed to providing for students through these voter-approved levies because they are either not paid for, or are not fully paid for, by state and local funding.

Local levies pay for programs, staff and classroom materials like technology devices. Nurses, coaches and athletic teams, extracurricular advisors and the programs that they support like robotics and drama, are partially or fully funded by your investment.

When levies are approved, a tax is "levied" against property owners. The amount collected annually is based on a total dollar amount. School districts often communicate this by providing taxpayers an estimated cost per $1,000 of assessed property valuation. (For example, Tahoma's current Educational Programs and Operations (EP&O) levy estimated a cost of $2 per $1,000 of assessed valuation. The owner of a home valued at $750,000 would pay an estimated $1,500 annually for this tax.) Levy expenditures are reviewed annually and costs are "rolled back" to taxpayers if funds go unused.

Use the menu on this website to learn more about our current voter-approved levies.

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