Information for Parents


You are an important part of helping us reach our goal of developing Future Ready Students who are prepared to face today’s and tomorrow’s challenges.

We encourage you to learn more about the Future Ready Skills and talk about them with your child. We've developed a set of conversation guides to help you start conversations around the Future Ready Skills, their relevance, and importance. Each guide includes the adult description and the age-appropriate student self-reflection checklist, as well as some ideas for starting the conversation with your son/daughter. Select a skill, then open the appropriate folder on the right to get started.

We appreciate partnering with our parents on these important skills. Thank you for helping ensure that the Future Ready Skills have relevance beyond the classroom and supporting growth in this skill at home with your child.

Ready! Set! Go! Conversation Guides for Parents

If you do not see folders listed below, click here: Ready! Set! Go! Guides