Apply for an Award

To apply for an award, you will need to submit 1) three endorsements from people not related to you who are familiar with, and can speak to, your exemplary achievement, and 2) brief descriptions of two or three examples from high school and 3) a brief personal statement explaining why the skill is important to you now and how you see it helping you in the future. Detailed directions are below.

Students who receive this award will be honored during the Senior Awards night at Tahoma High School, are recognized at graduation through special honor cords, and receive a digital badge which they may post on social media sites such as Facebook or LinkedIn, allowing them to share their achievement with family, friends, employers, and others, and build a positive digital reputation.

Please read the following information and directions carefully.

Student Application Deadline: March 31, 2022.

Directions for Applying for an Award

Your application materials will include three endorsements from people you select who are familiar with your abilities in this skill, and an application form. All materials must be submitted by March 31, 2022. The following three components are required to be considered for the award.

  1. Endorsements: Ask at least three people who are not related to you for endorsements in the skill for which you are seeking recognition. The people you select should be familiar with your achievement in this area. We drafted some sample language you could use to ask for endorsements in an email, or you can talk to the person directly. Either way, you must make it clear for which Future Ready Skill you are seeking endorsement. The sample email includes a link to the form, or you can use this one: The endorsements from these individuals will become a part of your digital badge should you earn the award.

  2. Evidence: Identify and describe two or three compelling examples of how you exemplify the skill in the Application Form. The evidence component is only read and judged by the review panel. It will not be included as part of your digital badge if you earn the award.

  3. Personal Statement/Award Application: In addition providing evidence of your ability (described above), this form includes a place for you to write a brief explanation of why the skill is important to you now and how you see it helping you with your future plans. If you earn this award, this personal statement (short paragraph, not an essay) will be a part of the digital badge you'll receive and others outside of the review panel will be able to read it. Please proofread carefully before submitting.

Your application materials, taken as a whole, will be evaluated using this rubric.

Available Awards