About me

My name is Gabriela Veith. I have been teaching at Tahlequah High School for close to 13 years. I have been married for 23 years. I have one son, David, who graduated from the THS in 2020. My hope is for you to have a good experience in my classroom and learn to enjoy mathematics.

On my free time I enjoy doing crafts, listening to music and reading.

Algebra 2 - Class overview

Algebra 2 is the study of the fundamental theory of algebra. You will be guided through linear equations, systems of equations, graphs, matrices, polynomials and radical expressions, quadratic equations, functions, exponential and logarithmic expressions. This class covers many new topics that you may not have seen before so expect to make mistakes. This class prepares you for the Pre-Calculus class. Just remember that without mistakes there is no growth! Remember that success does not happen without struggle!