Somatic Therapy

Somatic therapy is a practice that involves centering the body and examining the connection between it and the mind.

Using strategies related to cognitive behavioral and movement therapies, somatic interventions are designed to support folks to move through the physical sensations of their lived experiences - deepening their connect to their bodies and authentic selves.

Somatic therapy can help those experiencing chronic stress, burnout, anxiety, depression, & disordered eating - as well as those experiencing CPTSD/PTSD.

Somatic therapy can also be beneficial for neurodivergent folks, especially as it relates to sensory processing.

We currently offer 1:1 somatic therapy sessions. Sessions are typically 50 minutes in duration and generally occur weekly, with some folks choosing to reduce in frequency after 12-18 months.

Typically when we begin a therapeutic relationship, we'll spend some time establishing a connection until you feel comfortable before being guided to revisit any past memories. This process looks different for each person but generally takes between 1-3 months before we really dive into somatic experiencing.

At Tacocat Wellness, comfort is one of our top priorities which is why we encourage clients to establish their "comfy" space - whether that means taking our meetings from your bed, in your pjs, or with your favorite stuffed or real furry friend, we're here for it!