Getting started

Cangooroo API allow you to expand your system by integrating just one API.

Our API gives you access many different contents while implementing a simple flow. It is available in SOAP and REST.

Cangooroo API makes easy the access of +350 contents, fully mapped hotels and destinations and you manage your business rules through your intranet access. Have it all with no complication!

First things First

Cangooroo's Booking Engine API is organized around the concept of a single Tourism Operator behind the scenes of its methods, routines, rates availability and pricing.

When integrating with Cangooroo's API have in mind that you will be doing so from the point of view of one of the Operator's clients, a Travel Agency, thus getting access and being handled responses accordingly with the configuration the Operator have established for your Agency and User.

The Operator is responsible for granting you the credentials for your User (username and password), as well as establishing which of its Suppliers will be available for you whenever you consume any of our Services.

What a regular flow looks like?

We are aware that every integrating partner is unique and have different goals and needs when it comes to consuming Cangooroo's API. As well as aware that there are multiple ways to consume our API depending on the mentioned goals.

Nonetheless, more often than not, a regular integration flow should look like something like this:

There are many points of attention in each step, as well as many important things to know about how to build your requests and what you should always check on each response. All of those will be handled further on.

If your integration requires you to know what kind of information we have regarding Search Destinations, Hotels and Points of Interests, we advise you start from here: Commons API, otherwise, go to our services page.

Please read our FAQ section before you start the integration.

How to get help?

If necessary is possible to get help by opening a Ticket with Cangooroo's API support team. Have in mind though that in order to help us help you, there are a couple of things you need to be aware of.

Don't forget to read our FAQ section!