Basic Tricks Every Computer User Should Know

No matter how tech savvy you think you are there are often some very simple and often overlooked, tips and tricks that can help everyone from the novice to the most advanced user optimize their computer experience and even increase security. Computers are now almost an extension of our own bodies and by utilizing these basic techniques we can begin to automate our experience and even optimize it.

Keyboard shortcuts are vital for time management. Some basic Mac and PC shortcuts include the following:

  • Add a bookmark: on your PC press Ctrl + D on your Mac press Ctrl+ D
  • Close Browser: Alt + F4 on your PC and Ctrl + Q on your Mac
  • Capture a screen shot: on your PC Print Screen (then paste [Ctrl + V] into a Word document) and on a Mac press the Apple key + Shift + 3

Want to boost your Wi-Fi speed? Who doesn’t? Wireless routers can operate on a number of different channels you ideally want yours on a channel with as much space as possible. Try using tools like Wi-Fi Analyzer to find the perfect Wi-Fi channel in your house. These apps check what channels are being used your computer’s range area. Seek the channel with as much free space around it as possible and use that channel instead.

How about security? How can we keep our personal information safe and secure and be less vulnerable to cyber attacks?

Be sure you use strong passwords, disable personal information from photos and other files, and never use open public Wi-Fi networks without protection. Other tips include the following:

  • Use two-factor authentication if you can. This is a simple way to lock your computer to an account so you need to always verify your identity whenever you use a different computer or device. Some sites like Google, Facebook and Dropbox utilize it. You should too.
  • Try a password manager like LastPass or 1Password to save your passwords securely.
  • Don’t answer password hints honestly, instead answer the questions with misleading information. Just make sure you remember your response.

Using these tricks and tips will not only give you added time to your computer experience, but it will also give you the bonus of added security too. Can you think of anything more optimal?