Here is some important Pre-K information as a reminder to help us start our of school year on the right track.

Attire -

Students in Pre-K are NOT required to wear the school uniform. I would, however, ask that you please send your child in clothing they are comfortable in and that is ‘weather’ appropriate. Proper, closed toe footwear is also needed, especially on our Gym Class days - Monday and Wednesday.

Share Day/Toys -

We will be starting our share days soon, as students will be having this opportunity to share, I would like to remind that all other toys and items from home, please stay at home. We will be having plenty of time to play and use new ‘school toys’ each day. Thank you ahead of time.

Snack/Lunch -

A snack calendar will be sent home each month, which will include any ‘allergies’ and the number of snacks needed. Currently, we have 18 students in our class. Our calendar is attached for September. As our snack time is in the morning, we would appreciate healthy choices like, cheese and crackers, pretzels, fruit, vegetables or yogurt. Special Birthday treats are okay, as we will celebrate in the afternoon on these days. Some days, we will be creating our own class snack on our special ‘cooking’ days. This will also be on the calendar too.

Students in Pre-K eat lunch in our school cafeteria. Our cafeteria staff provides a calendar of lunch choices for each month and it is also posted on our school website, The September lunch calendar is included in this packet. Our cafeteria always provides delicious, healthy choices. If your child will be purchasing lunch, you can send in money for them in an envelope, labeled with their name.

Arrival/Dismissal -

The classroom will be open starting at 8:15am in the morning. If your child arrives prior to this time, you can utilize ‘Kid Zone’ in the morning. We will be ending our day at 2:45pm. If you need to pick up later, you may utilize ‘Kid Zone’ after school too. Information on registering for ‘Kid Zone’ may be obtained in the office.

Please let me know what your child’s ‘typical’ pick-up routine will be on the attached emergency contact form. If at any time your child’s ‘typical’ pick-up routine changes, please let me know by sending a note or email. If it is an emergency change, please call the office as soon as you know and speak with Mrs. Mullin or myself at 607-337-2207.

Room Parents -

Our Room Parents this year are Dawn Lawyer and Jen Parker. They will be helping with our parties and field trip during the year. If you would like to also help at any point during the year, please do not hesitate to talk with me about it. We would love to have ‘guest readers’, speakers and visitors throughout the school year.

Scholastic Book Orders -

Each month Scholastic Book Orders will be sent home - You may return an order to me or you can easily submit online with our classroom code that’s provided.

Take Home Bags & R.E.D. Book Folders -

Each week your child will have the opportunity to bring home a ‘take home bag’ with a simple activity for added enrichment, at home. Attached is a form to sign up. This is not a requirement and meant to be fun for them and you.

Each week your child will also be choosing a book from our classroom take home library to bring home in their R.E.D. (Read Every Day) Folder. The hope is that nightly reading with your child can happen to foster their appreciation for books, reading and beginning phonological awareness. Again this is not a requirement, but meant to be fun for them and you.