3rd Grade

Miss Walker

March 19, 2019

Hello from 3rd grade!

I hope everyone has had a great weekend. Here is what is happening in 3rd grade this week:

Over the next two weeks in Reading and in Writing we will be reviewing skills and writing strategies to better prepare ourselves for the state test on April 2nd and 3rd (Tuesday and Wednesday). We have been working hard on short answer written question, utilizing the strategy R.A.P (rewrite, answer, prove with text evidence) and I am very impressed at how well the class is doing with this. Next week we will show them what the test looks like and have them try a practice one or two. I stress to my classes that this is a test that their teacher NEXT year will use to see how they are doing in reading/math and who may need some extra help. I try not to stress anyone out to much about taking it and will do my best to make it as fun an experience as it can be.

In Math we have just started Chapter 11, Measurement. We will be looking at Mass and Volume and metric units. We will also be working on time and elapsed time. I am continually impressed with how well the class is doing with multiplication, however, it would be extremely helpful if you could go over their multiplication facts each night with them, the more confident they are with their multiplication facts the easier Math will be.

This week in Religion we are preparing for Ash Wednesday and the mass at 9am. I hope you can join us!wrapping up Chapter 13, the Word of God. They will have their test tomorrow. In science are continuing with Unit 5, Organisms and their Environment. We are almost done with Lesson 2 and will be working on a lab this week "Which Beak is Best". This month in Social Studies We are working on a Geography Spin, learning all about the deepest part of the ocean, the Mariana Trench and other water features and how to locate them on a map. .

Tests This Week:

  • Wednesday- Religion Ch. 13
  • Friday- Spelling Ch. 25

Important Dates coming up:

  • 3/21 Wear Orange and Blue day. We are having an out of uniform day, for $1 you can wear Orange and Blue to support the SU Men and Women's basketball teams. All money collected will go towards the Debbie Magnotta Scholarship fund, which benefits children going into Kindergarten.
  • March 22 & 29, April 5, & 15- Rosary in the Church, parents are welcome to join us!
  • Tuesday April 2nd & Wednesday April 3rd- NYState ELA test
  • Friday, April 5th- Fun Friday in 3rd grade. After 2 grueling days of the biggest test your child is taking they need a break! We will have some fun activities to do and watch a movie, nothing big, just a fun day.
  • April 16-22nd - Spring Break!

As always, thank you so much for everything you do at home with your kids! If have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out, mewalker@syrdiocese.org or an the Remind App, download the app to your smart phone and add the class code: @k94dcf .

~Miss Walker