3rd Grade

Miss Walker

April 6, 2018

Hello from 3rd grade! I hope everyone had a nice weekend. Report cards have been sent home with your child today, so be on the lookout for them!

We will be wrapping up Area and Perimeter tomorrow in math. There will be no official test for this chapter due to ELA's this week. The NY State Math test is quickly approaching, the dates are May 2nd & 3rd. We will begin reviewing for the test this week and continue into next week in order to prepare them for the test. As always, please continue to work on their multiplication facts with them, once they know them by heart Math will be much easier for them!

In Reading we finishing up Test Prep Monday and Tuesday. Today we started a Jeopardy review game, the kids loved it! We will finish it up tomorrow. Again, I have stressed to them that I am NOT grading these tests, they are a tool that teachers use to see how they are doing and what area's they might need help in next year. I want them to be as comfortable as possible when they take this the tests in the coming months (ELA's next week).

In Science we are continuing with Lesson 2 in the Unit, focusing on Animal Life cycles, discussing Metamorphosis. In Social Studies we are still exploring Communities and their histories. We will talk about some explorers, including Columbus, Jacques Cartier, and Ponce de Leon to name a few. Due to testing this week there will also be No Spelling test.

Tests this week:

  • Wednesday- NY State ELA exam
  • Thursday- NY State ELA exam

I have sent a letter home to you with the class today. Please make sure your child gives it to you, as there is a part that needs to come back to me by Wednesday morning! I have told the kids that they may bring in GUM for the test or candies to suck on, I will also provide these as well so please do not feel as though you HAVE to go out and get anything!

This Friday will be a Fun Friday, we will watch a movie and later in the afternoon we will be playing games with our Preschool Buddies. The buddies will be bringing their own games so that they are age appropriate; the idea is for the third graders to help teach them how to play their games.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out, mewalker@syrdiocese.org . Thank you for everything you do!

~Miss Walker