"Club Spotlight: Coding Club" By Jordan Baby

Today, the newspaper team went up to room 234, to check in on the transpirings of the Coding Club. We decided to do an interview with members of the club, and see what goes on in the club. I interviewed Jack Weissman, a long time member of the club, and asked him what kind of things they do. He told us that the students in Coding Club design games and videos for different websites, such as Scratch©. We also caught up with another member of the club, Louie Zollo, and were able to see what he was working on. (Video down below). When we walked around the room, we observed other students working on their own projects, such as a few students working on Pygame, which is a website that allows people to create games and multimedia programs in the Python language, and some other students testing games they coded on different websites. To conclude, the coding club is doing some pretty amazing things, in the world of technology, and our team was lucky to have a look at their work from the room where it all happens.


Cupcake Wars 2018

By: Jenna Ferraro

This years cupcake wars was amazing!! The creativity that some students used was incredible!!!

This years Cupcake Wars was hosted on Wednesday, February 28, 2018. It was held after school in the cafeteria and this year’s theme was The Olympics. There were many teams and tons of yummy cupcakes. This year the awards that were given out were for Most Creative, Best Use of Decorations, Best Theme, Most Attention to Detail, and Best Teamwork. Most Creative went to “Gold Medalist.” Best Use of Decorations went to “AMS.” Best Theme went to Team “What do You Want.” Most Attention to Detail went to “Cupcake Queens” and Best Teamwork went to Serendipity/ Friends group. Congratulations to all those teams!!!

For those not knowing what the Cupcake Wars is, well it’s a competition between different groups of friends that form teams from different grades to compete for the best decorated cupcake. They hold it every year and it is very exciting and enjoyable. But, to sign up you have to sign up in advance and give in, I believe 2 or 3 dollars per person. You also have to give a team name so the teachers managing the event know what team to announce if you win. It is an event where you could put your creativity into a cupcake and where you can work with others under pressure. Think about it and if you might want to try it, join next years Cupcake Wars!!

Multicultural Week 2018

By: Jenna Ferraro

Multicultural week is one week during the year where we celebrate the cultures of the world, here at HBT. This year we are having our multicultural week during the week of January 22nd. At the end of that week (Friday, January 26th) there will be an expo where you can either share information about a country you like or are from, or if you aren’t participating, you can check out all the countries and try different foods and learn new information. The expo will be held during periods 2, 3 and 4. Students can either work by themselves, with a small group of friends, or with a buddy. Last year we had lots of students participate during our expo and it was lots of fun!! One student, Francesca Napoleone, said “I think that it is a great way for people to express themselves and represent their cultures. I also admire the fact that people can display a culture that is not theirs, but choose it because of interest. It’s always great when people take their curiosity and turn it into something they can share, and that’s really what multicultural week is all about.”

Even if you decide not to participate during the expo, you should definitely get down to the gym and check everything out. You might learn something new!!