SHMosman BYODD Portal

This site has been designed by Sacred Heart Primary School, Mosman. The primary purpose of this resource is to support parents in the implementation of our Bring Your Own Designated Device program as we work together to support student learning.

Please take the time to view all pages of the website. Our aim is to provide an understanding of the 'why' and 'how' behind the Bring Your Own Designated Device program currently in use at our school.

Some documents contained within this resource may require you to have a Google associated account to open them.

What is a "21st century education"?

The term '21st century education' refers to an education that meets the needs of all of the learners in our school. It means effectively utilising the tools that are at our disposal to ensure quality teaching and learning in our classrooms. Finally, it means adapting what we do in school to equate with the lives of students outside of school.

Sydney Catholic Schools refers to this as authentic teaching, learning and assessment.

"Reforming education is rightly seen as one of the biggest challenges of our times. In my view, reform is not enough: the real challenge is to transform education from a 19th century industrial model into a 21st century process based on different principles."

- Sir Ken Robinson, 2010.