Information Technology

St Bernard's Botany is committed to incorporating ICT into learning in a meaningful and cost-effective manner.

The Australian Curriculum is designed around developing core competencies in literacy, numeracy, ethics, creative and critical thinking, ICT and intercultural understanding. Development of all of these competencies is critical for the academic success of our students. Integration of technology into the classroom is essential for students to develop many of these competencies.

St Bernard's seeks to have an educational environment that allows students to use technology to enhance their learning in a manner that reflects and upholds the School's Vision. To accomplish this goal, we are committed to educating students about digital citizenship from Kindergarten onwards, helping students learn how to be smart, safe and responsible online.

ICT is integrated into the Primary School curriculum and used to enhance learning in subjects.

ES1 & S1


All of the Kinder-Year 2 classes have access to iPads with a wide variety of age-appropriate educational apps available for use. We have found the iPads are particularly useful for younger students who do not yet have the dexterity and skill to use a keyboard and mouse as effectively as older students.


Beginning in Year 1, students are formally introduced to email and the Cloudshare Platform (Google G Suite of apps ) that is widely used at the school by all students from Year 3 onward. In the Year 1 & 2 classrooms there are 1:1 Chromebooks available for students to assist in their learning. The classroom devices are also regularly used for research and editing of media such as Google slide presentations, videos or sound recordings.

S2 & S3

Beginning in Year 3, students participate in a BYODD Bootcamp.

Years 3-6 students continue using Chromebooks as well as engaging in a more diverse range of ICT topics including visual media, coding and robotics.


All Years 3-6 classes have BYODD Chromebooks available for use throughout the day to be used in lessons in various topics as well as completing assignments on the Cloudshare Platform, including Google Classroom. This experience provides excellent preparation to Primary students in their transition to Secondary School.


Years 3-6 students also continue to have access to iPads. Specific educational apps are used to enhance their learning in various subjects.