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What does Newman look like at All Saints Catholic Primary School?

Newman is not a program that is set on withdrawing students by particular teachers for extension work. Newman is a whole school initiative which provides students with opportunities to reach their potential and nurture their love of learning. This is done in various ways at All Saints; flexible grouping options to support grade and stage differentiation, links made with AS College to meet student needs, differentiated assessment and off level testing which informs entry levels and effective programming, various interest based groups running across the school, competitions across the school & school cluster groups and many more. We are proud to be a school working in partnership with students, teachers, parents and the wider community to ensure the optimal development of our students across various domains.

All Saints has a school wide tracking system that is accessible and used by all teachers; regularly updated; effective in ensuring that gifted students are tracked and monitored. Systems of reporting and celebrating student progress are in place. All teachers at our school are vigilant in the processes involved in identifying strengths, tracking & analysing data and continually ensuring that students are challenged to achieve excellence through an authentic and rigorous curriculum based on our whole school Vision for Learning. Teachers are skilled in providing learners with a curriculum that is differentiated in pace, depth and degree of complexity.