gifted & talented

at Brigidine College

For some time, schools have had to consider the needs of gifted students by providing opportunities to identify and extend those who are gifted, but whose capabilities might not always be obvious. The 2013 Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) review of Australian Curriculum highlighted the need for schools to offer gifted and talented students flexible and individually appropriate learning pathways.

At Brigidine College, the Gifted and Talented program is called Sophia. The program aims to extend and enrich all aspects of a student’s life. The program embraces contemporary educational research in Gifted Education. Students are selected for the program using broad selection data including parent and teacher nomination forms, an ability test, and a Maths, Reading and Writing test. Student results are tracked and monitored through the Sentral assessment and reporting system as well as the Canvas Learning Management System.