The Logo

The new Good Samaritan Catholic College Oratory Society logo is inspired by traditional crests with an attempt at combining the long history of oratory activities with the contemporary nature of the College itself. It features each of the GSCC colours of light green, burgundy and black along with a gold outline to represent the oratory society itself. Black and Gold are featured heavily on the Debating Academy logo and will become the official colours of Oratory at Good Samaritan.

Within the shield are displayed the GSCC College Logo along with three symbols that reflect the diverse activities available at Good Samaritan. The bell is now synonymous with speaking activities and is the same bell that dominates the SWCCDA logo. In the lower left is a book to symbolise the academic nature of Oratory Society activities and is placed next to the lectern which is yet another prominent symbol of oratory.

The banner below the shield features the GSCC Oratory Society motto expressed through the latin phrase: Narro Sursum Quod Iudico Iuste. In English this is translated as "Speak up and judge fairly" which can be found in Proverbs 31:9. It is fitting that the motto should be inspired by the Holy Bible considering the Society's strong connection to the Catholic ethos of the College and its new desire to connect with the school's Evangelisation and Social Justice Groups.

Concept and Design by Mr Matthew Bradbury (Oratory Coordinator)

Developed by Kristy Bartels (Debating Academy Captain 2015)