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This site has been designed by Fr. John Therry, Balmain/Rozelle with the assistance and guidance of the Sydney Catholic Schools (SCS) Office and sister SCS systemic BYODD schools. It has been created to support parents and students in various aspects of our BYODD program. Resources have been added to this website and will continue to be added, as they are developed, assisting in the successful implementation of the BYODD program at Fr. John Therry. You will find information here to help you manage and use your Chromebook safely, a reference guide to help you learn how to use all of the features your Chromebook has to offer, as well as other resources to guide you in the coming years.

This site has been created to support parents, teachers and students with the various aspects and resources connected with our BYODD Chromebooks Program.

Please take the time to view all pages of the website. I hope it is informative and provides a clear understanding of why and how a BYODD program is important to the students education, at Fr. John Therry, Balmain/Rozelle.

As of Term 1, 2018 students in Years 3, 4 & 5 have the option to bring their own Chromebook to school to be used as a tool for their learning.

What is BYODD?

BYODD stands for “Bring Your Own Designated Device.”

BYODD is an initiative that allows students to bring a designated device to school and to use it for educational purposes. This device will facilitate their learning needs under the direction of the teacher.


We live in an ever changing world where schools are not the only source of learning. Our students are using digital devices inside and outside of school to communicate and learn.

In line with syllabus requirements, Fr. John Therry is working hard to integrate the use of ICT across the curriculum on a daily basis. So far this has been achieved through purposeful professional development for our staff members and the purchasing of a number of devices we have across the school. We are now ready to take this a step further to encourage anytime, anywhere learning where students are engaged through a personal device.

The advantages for students who bring in their own device are many and varied. Students will still have access to the technology available at school. However, a student-owned device will give them instant access to unlimited resources and enable them to support, extend, communicate and share their learning in a way that will help prepare them for their future.

The students at Fr. John Therry, Balmain/Rozelle are already using the technology in the classroom, BYODD will just enable them to access it more conveniently and personally. They will be able to gather and access information and present work without having to wait for a device to be available to them.

What is a "21st century education"?

The term '21st century education' refers to an education that meets the needs of all of the learners in our school. It means effectively utilising the tools that are at our disposal to ensure quality teaching and learning in our classrooms. Finally, it means adapting what we do in school to equate with the lives of students outside of school.

Sydney Catholic Schools refers to this as authentic teaching, learning and assessment.

"Reforming education is rightly seen as one of the biggest challenges of our times. In my view, reform is not enough: the real challenge is to transform education from a 19th century industrial model into a 21st century process based on different principles."

- Sir Ken Robinson, 2010.