Math and Science

Mrs. Speck & Ms. Roberts

Welcome to our class website! Here you will find all (well most of) the answers to your questions! Visit often and enjoy the photos!

Often, I have Donor's Choose Project running. These donations allow our students to acquire all the goodies they need for an amazing learning experience. Donor's Choose is a qualified 501 (C3) organization. That means all of your donations are tax deductible!

We have two more Donation opportunities for you! A project needing grow lights for observation of how a plant needs only water and sun to grow!

AND This is an engineering opportunity for our students. With these parts and kits, they can design a machine that helps to solve a problem in our community.

Mrs. Carol Speck

Our new QBall, the toss-able microphone!

Math and Science are even more fun now!

Thanks Donors Choose!