SWHS Graduation 2021

Graduation is tomorrow!!! Congratulations. All students riding the charter busses to the Alamodome must report to the bus loading area no later than 9:00 AM tomorrow. Students getting to the dome on their own must arrive no later than 10:00 AM. Students must bring cap and gowns and be prepared for graduation.

Doors open for families and friends at 1:00 PM

The graduation ceremony will be livestreamed at http://youtube.com/swisd-tv, as well as the District Facebook page and twitter accounts.

Below is the QR code for the graduation program.

Graduation Contract and Checklist

2021 Graduation Behavior/Dress Contract
2021 Senior Checklist
Graduation Regalia

2021 Senior Timeline

2021 Senior Timeline

May 27 & 28, 2021

Students will report to campus to turn in their school issued technology, books, and any other school issued material (uniforms, band equipment, etc.), and have their Senior Checklist signed.

A-L 9:30-11:30, M-Z 2:30-4:00

Students will turn in their completed checklist to Mr. Johnson

May 27-28

Mr. Johnson will be in the Mall to sign the Senior Checklist. When seniors are marked off, they will receive a wristband. A-L 9:30-11:30, M-Z 2:30-4:00 They will need to wear the wristband at all Senior functions identifying that they have completed all the necessary paperwork and are ready for graduation.

Students not turning in any school owned technology or materials will not be allowed to walk the stage.

Graduation Practice Day 1 - June 1, 2021

Students report to the Mall A-L at 9:30, M-Z 1:50 PM

Graduation Practice Day 2 - June 2, 2021

Seniors will report to the mall A-L at 9:30, M-Z 1:50 PM.

Graduation Practice Day 3 - June 3, 2021

Seniors will report to the mall A-L at 9:30, M-Z 1:50 PM.

June 4, 2021 – Graduation Day - Southwest High School

Students arrive at SWHS to load busses for the dome - 9:00-9:20

Students and busses arrive at the Alamodome - 10:00-10:30

Practice at the Alamodome – 10:30-12:30

Students prepare for graduation backstage - 12:30-2:00

Graduation - 2:00-3:45

Dome cleared by 4:45.

Graduation Information