Southwest Independent School District

Principal Selection Process

What Matters Most

In Southwest Independent School District, the continuous growth and the success of every student is what matters most, everything SWISD does is to contribute to a better future quality of life for all of our students. To ensure our goal of a better future quality of life for all of our students is a reality, we strive to place strong leaders in every campus, and in every classroom.

In collaboration with The Holdsworth Center, we have developed and committed to the core values of Growth, Service and Results to define what great leadership looks like in Southwest ISD. These core values center around strengthening the leadership skills of our current school leaders while building systems and structures that will allow us to develop the potential already present within the district. We feel that these systems and structures will not only sustain change in our District, but will also allow us to identify and attract top talent.

Our Leadership Commitments constitute district and community-wide input and incorporate the experiences of leaders and staff members at all levels. As our SWISD family continues to grow as both educators and leaders, our Leadership Commitments ensure that we continue to contribute to a better future quality of life for all of our students. To make certain the needs of students and the community are met in every campus, classroom, and department, SWISD has created this rigorous selection process to recruit and select the best qualified school leaders.


Dr. Lloyd Verstuyft

Superintendent of Schools

Dr. Lloyd Verstuyft

Superintendent of Schools

SWISD Leadership Commitments

The Vision anD Purpose of SWISD's Selection Process


The vision of the SWISD Selection Process is to utilize a clear, consistent, rigorous and transparent process for selection which allows qualifying candidates to demonstrate both their leadership and instructional skills and abilities ensuring the best talent is identified and selected.


The purpose of the SWISD Selection Process is to provide a standardized system of identification and selection of high-quality candidates that display potential in personifying the indicators and expectations described in the District's Leadership Commitments to Growth, Service and Results.

*Prior to engaging in the principal selection process, the superintendent of schools may either reassign an internal administrator to the vacant position or proceed with the full principal selection process.*

Swisd Principal Selection Process

Overview of the Process

Research shows that effective principals are far more likely to positively impact student achievement. This research has also identified a set of leadership characteristics, that when present, positively impact school climate and student learning outcomes. Therefore, the role of campus principal encompasses many facets and requires the application of specific leadership knowledge and competencies. In light of this finding, Southwest ISD strives to recruit, identify, and select the best principal candidates for every campus.

Application and Selection

  • Candidates register and apply to open principal vacancies at the SWISD Job Postings webpage on the SWISD webpage. Current SWISD Employees must submit an Employee Transfer Request through the TEAMS Employee Service Center to apply.

  • Candidates are screened using a series of protocols aligned to the SWISD Leadership Commitments. These include activities such as reviewing a data set about a school and providing analysis along with a strategic plan; observing a portion of a lesson, completing an analysis, and engaging in a role play conversation.

  • Activities are used to gather evidence around the specific indicators in the SWISD Leadership Commitments of growth, service and results, as well as competencies identified as critical to successfully lead in SWISD.

Determining who is interviewed

  • Only candidates who are successful during our screening process are entered into the highly qualified pool, and therefore are eligible to complete a performance assessment and participate in the interview process

  • Candidates who participate in the performance assessment are provided with feedback if they choose to receive it along with candidates who participate in the interview process but are not selected

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