Deciding What to Read

Literary Genres

Fiction: writing is a product of the imagination

Historical Fiction: based on or around a person or event from history

Science Fiction: dealing with aliens, the future, or advanced technology

Fantasy: containing monsters, magic, or other supernatural elements

Realistic Fiction: a story that could have happened, but didn’t

Nonfiction: writing that is true or factual

Informational Writing: writing that provides information on a topic

Persuasive Writing: writing that attempts to influence the reader

Autobiography: the story of one’s life told by oneself

Biography: the story of someone’s life told by someone else

Drama: writing that appears as a play or script

Comedy: has a happy ending

Tragedy: ends in death and sadness

Poetry: writing that is concerned with the beauty of language

Folklore: stories that were handed down through the oral tradition

Fairy Tale: a story with magic, monsters, and/or talking animals

Fable: a very short story, usually with talking animals and has a moral

Myth: has gods or goddesses and often accounts for the creation of something

Legend: a story based on something that might have once been real, but has since become exaggerated beyond the realm of nonfiction

Tall Tale: stories usually set in the American frontier where the main character has exaggerated strengths, skills, or size. The tone of the author is humorous