Response to Intervention


RTI Director

William Baker

210-622-4335 ext. 3052

Intervention Coordinator

Dawne Benavides

210-622-4335 ext. 3667

Often referred to by the acronym RTI, Response to Intervention is a systematic approach to assisting students experiencing difficulty with learning and/or behavior. RTI is usually organized into three tiers of support. Tier 1 is provided in the regular education classroom as the school's general curriculum. Tier 2 is provided in small group settings usually in the regular education classroom with targeted instruction in needed skills. Tier 3 is provided in small groups in a variety of settings and involves more structured and intense intervention. Because RTI is usually provided in this tiered format, it is also referred to in law as Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS). Southwest ISD is committed to providing evidence-based instruction and intervention to all students in need of intervention through a three tiered system. Each campus has an RTI team which considers the needs of its students.

The RTI team has three purposes:

  1. To review school-wide behavior and academic data in order to evaluate the effectiveness of Tier 1 curriculum.
  2. To screen and identify students needing additional academic and/or behavioral support.
  3. To plan, implement and modify interventions for these students. Depending on each student’s “response to intervention,” a formal referral for special education may result.

RTI is intended to be a structured, systematic process involving the following:

  • Group decision making
  • School-wide planning
  • Planning for students needing academic or behavioral support
  • Regular meetings
  • Individualizing-intensifying interventions