Take a sneak peak at our exciting pre-kindergarten classes. Southwest ISD has 4 year-old pre-kindergarten classes at every campus. This program focuses on math, literacy, science, social studies, character education, based on age-appropriate instructional strategies that motivate students to learn. Students are supported in their quest to become academically ready for kindergarten, socially prepared for school, physically strong, and emotionally supported for learning. Our pre-kindergarten classes serve as the foundation for academic success for our youngest students.


  • Each campus has at least two pre-kindergarten classes. These classes are run in partnership with Head Start and follow both Head Start and pre-kindergarten guidelines. Our classes have about 20 students with one teacher and one certified aide (10 to 1 student to teacher ratio).
  • Our classes begin and end at the same time as all elementary campuses. Pre-kindergarten students have a nap time and snack time provided during the day (nap mats and snacks are provided by Head Start and Southwest ISD).
  • The district follows the OWL’s (Opening the World of Learning) curriculum, which is a comprehensive state-adopted curriculum for pre-kindergarten students, which is provided in both English and Spanish.
  • All pre-kindergarten students are assessed three times a year using various academic readiness and social-emotional assessments. Parents are provided assessment results and guidance towards assisting student in meeting readiness benchmarks to prepare for Kindergarten standards.