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SWISD Photo Challenge: Show Your School Spirit

Photos By: Ms. Betus, Edited by Ryan Guerra, 8th grade.


By Ms. Holland

What a great start to the school year. Someday we will all be proud to have been at McAuliffe in 2017-2018 when the McAuliffe Rockets began rising. We will be proud to have been part of the change from bad rep to the best middle school in the district. That is us. That is Rockets Rising. I’m thankful to be part of this school. Thank you everyone (especially students) for making me feel so welcome here.

Anti-Bullying Week

By: Ms. Betus, Counselor

Our staff dressed as minions to support the "Bullying is Despicable" theme during Bully Awareness and Prevention week. When you dress up and participate in a theme day the students will laugh and ask questions like, "Why are you dressed like that?" It gives us a chance to promote the message while having some fun at the same time.

Noche de Familia a Success

By Ms. Gonzalez, Yearbook

Our first Noche de Familia was held on October 30th, with a Halloween theme. Guests were treated to music by our award-winning Band, led by Mr. Kilgore and Mariachi, led by Mr. Ibarra. Mr. Vega's Choir serenaded the crowd. Ms. Casanova's Spanish Club danced a bachata and got the crowd dancing. Kids were transformed into zombies and butterflies thanks to the talented theater teacher Ms. McDonald and her staff. Two students were awarded a prize during our costume contest. There was even a photo booth with props. It was a great sight to see families come together in our school cafeteria, enjoying great music, arts and crafts, but mainly each other.

Fun Facts

By Aidan Smith

*November is asian appreciation month *Sharks are immune to cancer

*Cherophobia is the fear of fun *A starving mouse will eat its own tail

*A small child can swim in the veins of a blue whale *Dead people can get goosebumps

*Panphobia is the fear of everything *Sunsets in Mars are blue

*For every one human on earth there is one million ants *Slugs have 4 noses

**Compiled from various sources

Girl Scouts

By Ezayliah Ruiz

Girl Scouts is the coolest thing to join. We get to go on over night field trips , sell cookies , and even go to parades. The best part is that it's only for girls so it's more fun. You get to meet new people and create memories. Members must have good grades to be in it , but its very fun and a great experience.

Cyber Patriots Competition

By Ryan Guerra

Hand’s down Cyberpatriot is the best elective in the whole school. At the beginning of the year it may seem boring taking notes but just wait a week or two. Once you learn the different components of cyberpatriots you will compete in a very fun competition. It will be stressing and be challenging but if your team works together you will have a fun experience.

First Musical Experience: 6th Grade Band

The 6th Graders got a taste of the limelight when they preformed their first concert November 15 at the McA cafeteria. Each section got to show off their skills by playing songs specific to their instrument. What a great start to this challenging elective. Students sounded great and their families couldn't have been prouder.