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We provide our clients with integrated fulfillment & logistic services so Clients can focus on their product and growth. Our dual mission is to deliver the potential of it's clients by delivering on the potential of it's people.


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VP of Engineering

"Swift is an environment that can help you to explore and support what you love. Because we believe passion can make the impossible happen"

Sylvia Monica

Accounting Manager

"I'm really thrilled to be part of this much growing company. I have found the better version of me in some aspects like leadership, communication, technical skill and etc. Beyond grateful to meet the team and colleagues to reach our goals altogether and to have a good time with"

Sofyan Hadi

Warehouse Manager

"Swift is a place that I called a second home, my second family. Like other families, we always strive to be a strong family"

Dita Komala Sari

Client Associate

"Swift has given me the opportunity to learn and improve myself in different areas. The work culture here has helped me to grow both personally and professionally. And what I'm excited about is working with the teammates who are really supportive"

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