Why the mandatory Google Sign in?

  • To setup your Swift Backup account
  • To encrypt some sensitive backup files (eg. Calls/SMS) by default without any user input
  • Sync backup files in your Google Drive (If enabled)
  • To sync your Swift Backup app settings in cloud

Note that all backup files, whether local backups or synced backups, are tied to a specific Google account. You cannot use the backup files of one Google Account with another.

What personal details do you receive and store when I sign in with Google in your app?

Your email address, name and a link to your profile picture all of which is used to be shown in the app.

Sdcard support

Using removable Sdcard as backup location is an experimental feature in Swift Backup. As such, you use this feature at your own risk. We recommend you use your sdcard as Adoptable Storage if possible.

Keep in mind the limitations of using an sdcard:

  • Uninstalling Swift Backup will WIPE the backup folder on the sdcard
  • Backup/Restore will be considerably slow in contrast with your device's internal storage depending on your sdcard read/write speed

1. Will my backup files on Sdcard be deleted if I install a new custom ROM?

No, the only way backup files on sdcard will be deleted is if you uninstall Swift Backup.

2. Why don't you use the DocumentsProvider API to access sdcard?

File reading from USB and sdcards require us to use a whole different framework (aka Documents API) which has been poorly implemented by Google. For eg. Reading apk file properties directly is impossible with that framework without copying the file to our app folder. There are other issues as well. We don't want to use root for such similar simple actions which are faster and easier with the conventional and proven Files API.

3. Can I use a custom location for /SwiftBackup folder on the Sdcard?

No. Any other location apart from /Android/data/... folder will need to be accessed using the DocumentsProvider API which we can't use due to the above mentioned reasons.

USB-OTG support

USB drives are not supported for the same reasons as Sdcard. And unlike the sdcard which are partially supported as Android System allows apps to store files in /Android/data/ folder on the sdcard using normal Files API, we cannot do the same with USB drives.

In case you need to wipe your device completely, you can use a file manager app to copy /SwiftBackup folder from your device storage to a USB drive or Sdcard.