Google Apps Script Support

Why Maintenance and Support Plan

Some solutions the organizations depend on. In fact, some may be important or critical to your operations, human resources, finances, or even public or domain add-ons. These important solutions can be supported in a timely manner. This plan offers near real-time monitoring where we are notified and begin the triage process. In some cases, we may resolve these issues even before you become aware.

Additionally, you may ask for minor code changes (10 hours or less) to these or other scripts under our plan. As a bonus, plan members receive a rate discount.

How it works

First, subscribe and pay first month fee, Second, submit your support request. Third, we contact you with the optional steps to setup the script for near real-time monitoring. When an error occurs we are notified immediately, assign a triage status, and begin the resolution. Plan members can also report issues or request minor code changes for other scripts by using the support request form.

Unlimited Monitor


  • Triage support process
  • Minor changes
  • Discounted rate
  • Unlimited monitored

** Subscription members: A "script" is a Google Apps Script used in a Google Sheet, Form, Doc, Slide, App Maker, Web App, or Add-on. When a script is setup for near real-time monitoring, any errors are reported immediately where a triage process begins the resolution. In addition, triage support is also available for your other scripts. This support includes minor changes (up to 10 hours per request). Plans require auto-pay subscriptions. Each monitored script has a one-time setup fee of $25. Plans do not include training services or major script changes or new projects. The lock-in low rate for support plans is $85/hour. Non-plan member rate is $125/hour.


Support is available Monday through Friday. Support plans exclude weekends and New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day (and following Friday), Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day. Support Plans exclude telephonic and chat support.

Frequently Asked Questions

What support services are covered?

We provide Google Apps Script support to resolve errors and minor code improvements. Plus, we can improve your code with exponential back-off methods. You select the most important scripts for us to monitor. Training and project work is not covered under these plans.

How do we communicate, get support?

Scripts being monitored real-time provide notification to our staff immediately with no actions on your part. However, our plans allow support for your other scripts you own. You submit a form with a recorded screencast URL of the issue or small change request. A free screencast Chrome extension, Screencastify, can be installed to record your support request.

How quickly will support be provided?

All submitted requests are reviewed quickly. A triage assessment is done. Triage statuses are Urgent, Medium, and Low. Refer to the table for response and resolution times. Note: if your script has thousands of lines of code, it may take longer to complete tasks. Plans also include real-time monitoring for scripts that you deem as most important. This monitoring will systematically contact us where triage statuses are assigned.

How do you define a “minor change” or “change request”?

A "minor change" to your existing script is when we estimate 10 or less hours to complete. If more than 10 hours to complete, then we will categorize that request as a “project”, which means a high-level statement of work (SOW) will be provided. “Projects” are not covered by the Apps Script Support plans so the SOW will contain an estimate of time and cost. Projects are billed on actual hours (not fixed prices). Plan members receive a discount for projects.

How do I cancel my plan? Any cancellation fees?

The plan has a 6-month minimum. Send your request by using our contact form. Mention the cancellation reason. As a result, the auto-pay will stop at end of current 6-month period. Cancellation process may take 1 to 5 business days. Any outstanding invoices can be paid using our secured Stripe service. No cancellation fees.

Do you offer refunds?

Plans include attentive priority service and real-time monitoring that requires setup. Therefore, no refunds are granted.

How can I escalate if not getting the required support?

Each request goes through a triage process that will be assigned a priority status. Each request is closely monitored including internal escalation procedures. Notifications and communications are established with you per request through email with our support staff. You may contact for further escalations.

Do you have an example of month cost?

Yes. For example, If you subscribe to the Monitored Plan with 1 script being monitored real-time in January, the fee is $100 USD per month. Plus, a $25 one-time setup fee. The total for January is $125. In February you experience no errors so the cost is $100. In March no errors so the cost is $100. In April an error occurs and it took 2 hours to resolve so your April cost is $270 (2 hours x $85/hour = $170 + $100/month subscription).

How are payments made?

When you subscribe to a plan a secured Stripe payment service is used to establish reoccurring payments once a month. The plan is $100/month. The plan you select reduces our normal hourly rate from $125/hour to $85/hour and ensures attentive triage support, real-time monitoring, and available staff ready to serve you. The one-time setup fee per monitored script is applied when you first subscribe to the plan. Support work will be billed separately via an email invoice with a link to our secured Stripe payment service where payments are due when received. ACH payments are also available. Unpaid invoices may delay service.

Are there additional fees?

Yes. When our staff performs work to resolve coding issues or make minor changes, we track the actual hours to complete the task. We then send you an invoice with a link to our secured Stripe service (e.g. 2 hours x $85/hour = $170). Plus, there is a one-time $25 setup fee.

As a subscriber do I get discounts for non-support projects?

No. Any new projects are billed normally. See our Prices web page. Note: Any existing projects that are under the Support plan and exceeds 10 hours or modifications are treated at normal rates per Prices web page.

Do you offer referring partner compensation?

Not at this time.