App Maker

App Maker

What is it?

"App Maker by Google is a tool that allows you to quickly assemble business web apps using Google services and infrastructure. With Google App Maker, you can:

  • Model - Create and manage data models that allow your app to connect to databases or a user's Google data.
  • View - Design an app's user interface without coding HTML and CSS by hand.
  • Control - Control your app's behavior and connect to Google services using Apps Script.

Apps created with App Maker are very similar to web apps created with Apps Script, in that they are web-hosted applications that can connect to Google services. App Maker makes the process of building and maintaining these types of applications easier." -- from Google Apps Script online documentation.

Currently, App Maker is only available through the Early Access Program for G Suite Business users.

Need Assistance?

Some may leverage App Maker to create user interface prototypes and need expert developers to "bind" (connect) the data and more complex scripts and workflows. SW gApps can help you. Use the contact page to learn more.

Need Training?

If your organization would like to learn how to use App Maker, then contact us.