Remove Blank Rows in Google Spreadsheet

Remove Blank Rows (and more!) add-on

Got too many blank rows or columns scattered in your sheet? Delete or hide them with 1 click. Watch the video.

Do you have Sheets that contain nagging blank rows or columns and it takes a lot of time to delete or hide them and not to mention the risk of accidentally deleting the wrong rows or columns? If you do, get this add-on to quickly get rid of them.

More features like crop, unhide, and conditional options. Learn more here.

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Latest News

OCT 24 2020: Going from old to new .. When add-ons launched 5+ years ago, Remove Blanks Rows was introduced. Recently, Google has introduce a new type of add-on, Google Workspace Add-ons (GWAO). This new type is card-based with an improved user interface. As a result, there are now two versions of Remove Blank Rows, the old and the new GWAO. Soon the old version will be removed so please use the new GWAO version going forward.

Is it free? Maintaining and supporting over 400,000 installs without revenue is challenging. To show your "love" and support for this popular add-on, please consider paying the reasonable fee of $0.25/month per user (paid annually). Contact us for domain pricing.


  • Delete/Hide blank rows or columns.

  • Consider space characters as blanks.

  • Crop ending empty rows/columns: This sheet tab.

  • Remove/trim spaces within cells: This sheet tab.

  • Unhide if NOT blank.

Coming soon for GWAO version:

  • Delete/hide rows conditionally using date, string, number, or exist. Then select the column letter.

  • Archive/move rows conditionally to another sheet tab.


  • Your feedback is most welcomed. Support link is available in sidebar.

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There are authorization requests. What is your privacy policy?

The Remove Blank Rows add-on requires access to the active spreadsheet only. There is no collection of user data. The three services that invoke authorizations from the user are Spreadsheet service (to hide or delete rows in active sheet), Script Properties service (new version announcements), and External service (paying for Premium options using secured Stripe service). Learn more on the Privacy page.

Is this a Google product?

No. However, as an experienced developer and former Google vendor, and Google Apps Script Top Contributor, best practices were followed to ensure user friendliness and results.

What is "Select a range"?

Simply highlight the desired rows. Watch the video for an example.

I need to "undo" more than one iteration. How?

You are correct that the Remove Blank Rows "Undo Hide" button was designed with one convenient undo iteration. For more iterations for both Undo Hide and Delete:

  • Click the sheet's "File" > "See revision history".

  • Click the "Show more detail revisions" button.

  • Review each revision history item (from top to bottom) until you find the desired revision.,

  • Click the link "Restore this revision".

  • OR, click the sheet's "Undo" (ctrl-z) multiple times.

Not all blank rows were deleted or hidden. Why?

Review the row in question, and if you find that all cells are indeed blank (make sure the font color has not given the illusion of a blank cell), then use the Feedback form to report the issue and provide a link to your spreadsheet (or a copy of it) for troubleshooting purposes. Also, watch the demo video.

How can my organization get a customized version?

Submit the request in the Feedback form and select "Customize for my organization" and provide an email and/or phone number.

How long is the free trial and how much will it cost?

Since March 11, 2014 Remove Blank Rows has been free to use. After adding more features on February 12, 2016, you may now send a $10 gift via a PayPal donate button. Free features will always remain free. Advanced Premium options offer a free trial before purchasing.

As of September 2016, Premium features became available (e.g. Unhide if not blank, Delete/hide conditionally). Free trial: You may try before you buy with 50 uses (e.g. clicking a premium Hide button is 1 use). After the free trial, it cost $0.05 USD per use. Plus, a $1 USD per purchase fee. When your Premium balance reaches zero, you may replenish your account by choosing among: 100 uses for $6 USD; 500 uses for $26 USD; or 1,000 uses for $51.

What issues have been fixed?

Updated on 05/10/2016. Introducing "Premium Options" where you may try them before paying a fee. The fee is on-hold until more features become available. NOTE: The original remove features will always remain free.

Updated on 02/12/2016. New features added. Watch updated demo video to learn more.

  • Remove columns

  • Consider space characters as blanks

  • Process all sheet tabs (extreme number of sheet tabs at once may time out)

Updated on 03/10/2015. 1) Increased selected range row limit from 5,000 to 10,000 rows. 2) Due to Google Issue #4866 [caused blank sidebar], changed code from NATIVE to IFRAME user interface emulation.

Updated on 02/12/2015. Increased selected range row limit from 1,500 to 5,000 rows. My concern with the limit is excessive processing time (especially over 5 minutes when Google Apps Scripts are stopped by Google servers). The add-on analyzes or searches for consecutive blank rows within the selected range so it limits the number of calls. However, if someone has thousands of rows that only have a single blank row in between other filled rows, then there are a lot of calls, which means slower processing times.

Updated on 03/16/2014. New feature! Now you can remove blank rows based only within the highlighted selected range. Blanks outside the range are ignored.

Updated on 03/13/2014. Fixed formula and format issues on delete rows. New Unhide button. Click "File" > "See revision history" to undo deletes and more than one hide actions.