Google Apps Script Support Plan Prices

Choose among Monitored Plan ($50/month), 2 Monitored Plan ($75/month), 5 Monitored Plan ($125/month), and Unlimited Plan ($175/month). To secure the lower hourly rate, receive triage support and real-time monitoring , monthly auto-pay subscriptions are required. Each monitored script has a one-time setup process which cost $25 per script. Plan members rate is $55/hour. This low hourly rate applies to real-time monitoring resolutions, minor code changes to existing scripts, and high-level pseudo code designs. NOTE: major code changes to existing scripts or new project work is not included in these support plans. However, plan members receive discounts.

Custom Project Prices

We provide time and cost estimates in our Statement of Work documents (SOW). Creation of SOW, project plan, and/or design documents are billed per hour.

Solution Architects, Project Managers , Designers, Developers, and Trainers rates are $95 USD per hour for non-members. Plan members with discounts. Monthly subscribers receive rate discounts. The first 10 hours of design, development, and testing are billed at $65/hour and remaining hours are $75/hour. Project Management hours are $95/hour.

Statement of Work

The process includes a discovery meeting with you, writing up a statement of work (SOW), that includes your project's requirements, goals, objectives, high-level design, cost, and estimated completion dates. After collaborating on the SOW, we sign-off on its scope, schedule a project start date, and you make an initial payment (30% of project plus Solutions Architect time).

Change Requests

Any changes during the project are logged. Some changes may be out of scope and require extra time so estimated hours are provided so we agree on the extra costs. Changes are typical after portions of the project are delivered where more ideas are shared by you that improves the project.