Custom Development Project Prices

A Custom Development Project is defined as the Client working directly with SW gApps LLC (2 parties).

Receiving project specifications:

Each new project receives 1 hour of free consultation (e.g. receiving specifications and providing ballpark estimate). If the the client does not provide enough detailed requirements for the project that requires more time for us to perform the Business Analyst role, then a "$500 Business Analysis" retainer deposit is required (see Payment Terms below). We provide time and cost estimates in our Statement of Work (SOW) documents .

Standard hourly rate (non support plan members):

Business Analysts, Solution Architects, Project Managers , Designers, Developers, and Tester rates are $95 USD per hour.

Support plan members hourly rates:

Discounted rate for monthly support plan subscribers is $75/hour. Except for Business Analyst, Solutions Architect, Consulting, and Project Management hours which are $95/hour.

Administrative fee:

A 20% administrative fee is added to each project. If the client was referred through a third-party, and it's the first project with SW gApps LLC, then an additional 5% fee is added (totaling 25%).

Subcontracting Development Project Contracts (1, 3, 6, or 12 months)

A Subcontracting Development Project is defined with 3 parties involved: 1) the end-customer, 2) the middle Client, and 3) SW gApps acting as a subcontractor for the Client.

The rate is $70 USD per hour. SW gApps LLC requires at least a 2-month contract that guarantees at least 25 hours of assigned work per week. Any week with less than 25 hours of work assigned, will be billed at the standard rate of $95 USD per hour.

Optional Support Plan

Choose among Monitored Plan ($50/month), 2 Monitored Plan ($75/month), 5 Monitored Plan ($125/month), and Unlimited Plan ($175/month). To secure the lower hourly rate, receive triage support and real-time monitoring , monthly auto-pay subscriptions are required. Each monitored script has a one-time setup process which cost $25 per script. Plan members rate is $75/hour for real-time monitoring support resolutions. NOTE: minor or major code changes (that are not support errors) to existing scripts, or new project work is not included in these support plans. However, plan members receive discounts.

Payment Terms

Like most software development companies cash-flow is of high importance. We require 25% retainer deposit of the estimate prior to the start of any project. Weekly progress billing invoices and credit these invoices against the retainer. When the retainer balance has been depleted we will invoice another 25% retainer of the project, and repeat until 100% of the project, Upon completion of the project any retainer funds remaining will be returned within seven (7) days. If there are no retainer funds remaining and the project is not complete we will issue another invoice based on remaining estimated work due Net 7. A "$500 Business Analysis" retainer deposit may be needed, if the project specifications are not complete from the client where SW gApps LLC will provide assistance completing the specifications.

Payment Methods

Payment options are ACH deposit, wire transfer, or printed mailed checks.

Statement of Work

The process includes a discovery meeting with you, writing up a statement of work (SOW), that includes your project's requirements, goals, objectives, high-level design, cost, and estimated completion dates. After collaborating on the SOW, we sign-off on its scope, schedule a project start date, and you pay 25% retainer deposit of the project estimate.

Change Requests

Any changes during the project are logged. Some changes may be out of scope and require extra time so estimated hours are provided so we agree on the extra costs. Changes are typical after portions of the project are delivered where more ideas are shared by you that improves the project.