G Suite Application Support Help Desk

SW gApps inherits your G Suite related systems and support your users directly. Refer to 2+ Months Contract Rates section below.

G Suite Custom Software

SW gApps provides supplemental solutions for G Suite products (e.g. Gmail, Drive, Calendar, Docs, Sheets, Forms, Slides, Sites, Chatbots, etc.)

$125 USD per hour, or 2+ months contract rates. Refer to 2+ Months Contract Rates section below.

Standalone Software Solutions

Standalone solutions include applications that are not dependent to G Suite products. They typically run within a Chrome browser (desktop or mobile) or embedded inside a web site.

$125 USD per hour, or 2+ months contract rates. Refer to 2+ Months Contract Rates section below.

Consulting and Ad-hoc

First hour is free and additional time is $125 USD per hour.

2+ Months Contract Rates

Available for Support Help Desk, G Suite Custom Software, and Standalone Software Solutions

  • $125 USD/hour for Project Management and Analysis/Architect regardless of number of work hours per week.
  • $125 USD/hour if a given week is less than 25 hours for Design, Development, Quality Assurance
  • $85 USD/hour with a minimum of 25 hours per week for Design, Development, Quality Assurance. For example, if a week has 5 hours of Project Management (PM), 10 hours of Design, and 10 hours of Development work, then the combined 20 hours of Design and Development work becomes $1,700 (20 hrs * $85/hr) and PM work becomes $625 (5 hrs * $125/hr) for a total week invoice of $2.325 USD.
  • Time-sheets will be submitted weekly and provided to the Client for review and approval.

Maintenance and Support Plan

Applicable for SW gApps software solutions that have been completed. This plan provides near real-time monitoring of your delivered solution. When minor code modifications (less than 10 hours) are requested or when an issue is identified or reported to us, we triage and begin resolution within a few hours and resolve the issue as soon as possible. This is helpful for those solutions that are deemed important or critical to your organization. Rates are:

  • $100 USD per month for unlimited SW gApps solutions. Requires auto-pay monthly. Minimum 6 months. No full or prorated refunds.
  • Discounted rate is $85 USD per hour

Example 1: if an issue occurs, then regardless how long it takes to resolve the rate is $85 USD/hour.

Example 2: if no issue reported, but you request a code change and the estimate is 10 hours or less, then the rate is $85 USD/hour.

Example 3: if no issue reported, but you request a code change and the estimate is greater than 10 hours, then SW gApps classifies the request as a "project" or another phase to the project where all hours are billed at $125 USD/hour.

Example 4: you request a project that SW gApps estimates over 2 months of project hours to complete and you elect the 2+ Months Contract Rates. Refer to 2+ Months Contract Rates section.

Google App Maker to Alternative Solution

We are researching the feasibility to get your existing Google App Maker solution converted to another solution (e.g. Google AppSheet) without any development cost to you -- meaning Google may pay us for this service. Stay tuned.



Includes prep, remote live 1-hour webinar, and follow-up activities. Depending on the material, multiple webinars may be scheduled to complete the training.

  • 1 to 3 Students (attendees): $300 per student per 1-hour webinar
  • 4 to 6 Students: $250 per student per 1-hour webinar
  • 7 to 20 Students: $200 per student per 1-hour webinar

On-Site Training

Includes prep, on-site 2-day training (up to 9 hours), and follow-up activities.

  • Your on-site location requires at least 3 students (associates being trained)
  • 3 to 6 Students: $1,500 per student
  • 7 to 20 Students: $1,000 per student
  • Plus, travel expenses

On-demand Self-paced Online Training

Depends on length of material and prep work. Unlimited within your organization.

Website Development

$125 per hour

Details and Other Fees

Receiving project specifications

Each new project receives 1 hour of free consultation (e.g. receiving specifications and providing ballpark estimate). If the the client does not provide enough detailed requirements for the project that requires more time for us to perform the Business Analyst role, then a "Business Analysis" retainer deposit is required (see Payment Terms below). We provide time and cost estimates in our Statement of Work (SOW) documents .

Payment Terms

Like most software development companies cash-flow is of high importance. For estimates below $2,500 USD we require a 100% retainer. Otherwise, we require 25% retainer deposit of the estimate prior to the start of any project. The first and remaining invoices will list the retainer amount as a credit until it is depleted. When the retainer balance has been depleted we may invoice another 25% retainer of the project, and repeat until 100% of the project, Upon completion of the project any retainer funds remaining will be returned within seven (7) days. If there are no retainer funds remaining and the project is not complete we will issue another invoice based on remaining estimated work due Net 10. A "Business Analysis" retainer deposit may be needed, if the project specifications are not complete from the client where SW gApps LLC will provide assistance completing the specifications.

Payment Methods

Payment options are ACH deposit, wire transfer, or printed mailed checks.

Project Minimum

At this time, we are only accepting work with a minimum cost of $2,500 USD per project, unless there are multiple smaller projects that exceed the minimum within 4-weeks time.

Statement of Work

The process includes a discovery meeting with you, writing up a statement of work (SOW), that includes your project's requirements, goals, objectives, high-level design, cost, and estimated completion dates. After collaborating on the SOW, we sign-off on its scope, schedule a project start date, and you pay 25% retainer deposit of the project estimate.

Change Requests

Any changes during the project are logged. Some changes may be out of scope and require extra time so estimated hours are provided so we agree on the extra costs. Changes are typical after portions of the project are delivered where more ideas are shared by you that improves the project.

Company Admin Fee (discontinued)

SW gApps has discontinued the practice of adding an admin fee to invoices. Note to grandfathered contracted customers: if previous customers have not converted to new Master Service Agreements, then admin fees will continue.