Human Element

SW gApps Founder

Founder, Steve Webster, has been solving problems and making improvements in the IT field for over 25 years, including 13 years at Marriott International as a Project Manager and Sr Developer. His Google experience includes being a Google Vendor, where he helped with the original Google Partner Connect website, which at the time became Google's largest extranet site that securely connected 10,000+ partners around the world, and developed a website gadget on Google's learning site. Google has awarded him Top Contributor status in Google Apps Script, Drive, and Docs. He has received free invitations to Google IO conferences and summits on the Google campus in Mountain View, CA. He has been a guest blogger for the G Suite Developers Blog, BetterCloud Monitor, Dito, and "Totally Unscripted" video broadcasts. As a Google Trusted Tester for Google Docs, Sheets, and Forms add-ons, he not only assisted Google reviewers before launch, but was also asked to become the owner of the G+ add-on community. His Remove Blank Rows add-on has over 80K installs.


SW gApps has formed working relationships with experts around the world. As a result, Solutions Architects, Project Managers, and Developers are contracted for custom development projects. Current working relationships exist in US, Europe, and India. Want to work with SW gApps? Join the Team!


SW gApps is reviewing investment options at this time. Tentative initial capital investments options under consideration for funding both custom development services and production-ready apps (e.g. Google add-ons, progressive web apps, SaaS) are $48,000, $95,000, or $385,000 USD. If you are interested to become an investor in the SW gApps startup, contact us.

What Typical Investors Look For:

According to MicroVentures webpage, investors look for:

  1. A unique or new idea. If it’s not new, they want to see an innovative spin on old technology.
  2. Market traction, which could be in Alpha or Beta customers, partnerships, revenue, or other metrics that define success. They’re not just looking for good ideas—they want ideas + execution.
  3. A solid team with experience in their industry.

In other words, our investors look for three things: Good Ideas, Market Traction, and a Good Team.

Therefore, SW gApps is soliciting other talented team members at this time and is preparing to remain relevant in the Software marketplace by leveraging recent Google technologies of Actions on Google, Progressive Web Apps, App Maker, and Add-ons for both product offering and custom development services.