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New! Google Apps Script Support Plans.


Google Apps Script Support Plans, and Custom Projects. Solutions Architects are leveraged to learn about your project. Then provide a "statement of work". Our Project Managers, Trainers, and Developers manage and deliver your projects. Contact us.


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New! Google Apps Script Support Plans

For those critical Apps Script solutions found in Sheets, Docs, Forms, Slides, App Maker, Web Apps, and Add-ons

Oh no! Your critical script is not working! Your developer is not available! It cost too much to fix it! What to do?!? This why we offer real-time monitoring of your Google Apps Script solutions with triage support at a lock-in low hourly rate. And there is more! We can perform minor changes to all your existing scripts for the same low rate! Are you ready? Review the monthly subscription plans and contact us! **



  • 1 script monitored
  • Other scripts supported
  • Triage support process
  • Minor changes
  • Lock-in low rate

[14 seats available]

2 Monitored


  • "Monitored" plus
  • 2 scripts monitored

[9 seats available]

5 Monitored


  • "Monitored" plus
  • 3-5 scripts monitored

[6 seats available]



  • "Monitored" plus
  • Unlimited monitored

[4 seats available]

** Subscription members: A "script" is a Google Apps Script used in a Google Sheet, Form, Doc, Slide, App Maker, Web App, Chatbot, or Add-on. When a script is setup for real-time monitoring, any errors are reported immediately where a triage process begins the resolution. In addition, triage support is also available for your other scripts. This support includes minor changes (up to 10 hours per request). Plans require auto-pay subscriptions. Each monitored script has a one-time setup fee of $25. Plans do not include training services or major script changes or new projects. However, plan members receive a discount. The lock-in low rate for support plans is $55/hour. Non-plan member rate is $95/hour. Contact us for Volume Pricing Discounts for development projects.