SW gApps LLC


Custom software services and product development

SW gApps LLC specializes in custom software services and product development for Google's G Suite productivity software.

Headquartered in central Florida.

Satellite offices in California, Colorado, Kentucky, New York, British Columbia Canada, United Kingdom, and India.


Services include custom code (e.g. Apps Script) for add-ons, web apps, custom functions, chatbots, Docs, Sheets, and Slides integrations, Drive, workflows (e.g. approvals), admin tools and database connectors. Optional Support Plans are available for critical scripts and solutions with optional real-time monitoring.


We have Google approved G Suite add-ons. We can create add-ons for your organization, too.

Featured add-ons: Remove Blank Rows and more!, Text gBlaster (SMS Texting).

Popular add-ons: www.gSuiteAddons.com

Featured customer add-on: Side Study

Services Process

Our process includes Discovery, Prioritizing, Design, Planning, Development, Testing, and Delivery.

Working Together

For new customers, we share three documents: Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement (mNDA), Master Services Agreement (MSA), and a Statement of Work (SOW) for each project. Like most software development companies cash-flow is of high importance. See this partial snippet from a SOW:

We require 25% retainer deposit of the estimate prior to the start of any project. Weekly progress billing invoices and credit these invoices against the retainer. When the retainer balance has been depleted we will invoice another 25% retainer of the project, and repeat until 100% of the project, Upon completion of the project any retainer funds remaining will be returned to Client within seven (7) days. If there are no retainer funds remaining and the project is not complete we will issue another invoice based on remaining estimated work due Net 7.

We collaborate using Statements of Work, tracker spreadsheets, Trello Board and other similar documents or tools.

Optional Support Plans provide fast response to issues affecting your new or existing custom scripts are available on a monthly subscription service.

Project Costs

We are a hybrid software development company with U.S. onshore and nearshore/offshore resources with rates from $75 to $95 USD per hour. Our minimum projects start at $1,000, and a typical small G Suite Sheets development project averages about $2,500. More complex medium projects may cost from $3,500 to $15,000, and large projects from $45,000 to $150,000 USD.

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