Peer Counseling


  • What: Peer Counseling allows for student-to-student support for both academic and personal assistance. We conduct individual sessions, mediation, and provide resources for our peers to use
  • Where: Peer Counselors are located in the Counseling Conference Room Within the Counseling Center.
  • When: Each class period has a designated Peer Counselor as seen in the About Us page. We are available everyday, during classes
  • How: Fill out a blue Peer Counselor Request Form provided at the front desk of the Counseling Center and place it in the black boxes adjacent to the doors of Mrs. Barron's & Ms. Mamaril's office. A Peer Counselor will soon be in contact with you.

Peer Counselor Request Form

How to Become a Peer Counselor

1. It is required that applicants successfully complete Mrs. Rodriguez' Peer Mediation Intro Course (1 semester is accepted but minimum full-year is preferred)

2. Applicants then must fill out a PC Application (which will be available late Spring Semester) and submit it to Counseling Secretary Mr. Turberville

3. If requirements 1 & 2 are met, you will be scheduled for an interview with the existing PC team

4. New PC Cohort will be shortly announced before school year ends