Sweetwater Middle School Colts

305 Lamar Street Sweetwater, Tx 79556

(325) 236-6303 phone (325) 236-6941 fax

Heath Wright, Principal

Feedback to the Principal

Dawn Cornutt, Asst. Principal

Bub McIver, Asst. Principal

Melissa Howard, Counselor

Lance Hamilton, Athletic Coordinator

Joanna Chavira-McCann, Attendance Clerk

Melanie Straley, Registrar

Tiffany Rotan, Nurse

Benita Crain, Secretary

Loyal and true, Sweetwater Colts we're for you, This is our motto, We are one for all and all for Alma Mater, Here's to our school, Long on high may she rule, Forever more you will find us, Always Loyal and True.


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3rd six weeks report cards will be handed out when we come back from Winter Break.