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Sweet Gum Studio has been in the making for many years but only within the past several years did it materialize into what it is today. Saying the phrase, “I can make that for you” rolls of my tongue as easy as my name. As such, much of the work we do is custom and a lot of it has sprung out of having been hired to do one thing and then ending up doing multiple. Dreamcatchers, wreaths, flower and succulent arrangements (fresh and faux), barn doors, landscape design and installation, interior design, space planning(interior and exterior) and even building dining and coffee tables just to name some of what we can and have created. Check out the website for a gallery of past work, services offered, and inspiration! Every now and then when time allows creations may be listed in the shop for sale. If you have something in mind contact us and let’s work together to see “how I can make it for you”!

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Milton, GA, USA

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