Southwest dubois Technology

Welcome teachers!

The goal of our SWDCS tech website is to organize our technology needs and offer additional support for our amazing staff.

Check out our team below!

Our Team!

Katy Beck- Instructional Technology Director-

Aundrea Wilson- HLE TIS/Lead Trainer-

Shannon Seibert- SHS Lead Trainer -

Erich Kendall- SMS Lead Trainer-

Andrea Mathies- HBE Lead Trainer


SHS Trainers:

Shannon Seibert

Kaitlin Uebelhor

Ted O'Brien

Susan Wagner

Alex Pund

SMS Trainers:

Erich Kendall

Kyle Baseden

Nichole Riehle

HBE Trainers:

Andrea Goeppner

Ashley Rasche

Nichole Arnold

Kathy Tooley

Yvonne Zink

Andrea Mathies

Brett Roesner

HLE Trainer:

Aundrea Wilson