K-12 Enrollment

New Student/Re-Enrolling Student Registration Process


NOTE: To enter kindergarten, a child must be five-years-old by September 30

Step 1 - Verify that your address falls within SWCSD attendance boundaries

Use the School Viewer tool located at http://www.croppermap.com/swcsohiov2/

To enroll in the South-Western City School District, you MUST live within the district boundaries.

NOTE: If you have a question regarding your address call an enrollment specialist at (614) 801-6280.

Step 2 - Prepare your child's enrollment information for submittal

Utilize the online registration information tool by clicking HERE.

If there is already at least one child from your household enrolled in the South-Western City School District and you have a parent portal password, you can go directly to https://portal.swcsd.us/ to register additional children from your household.

Step 3 - Make an appointment at the Student Enrollment Center

Click here to make your appointment with an enrollment specialist at the Student Enrollment Center. Your child's enrollment is not complete until you have submitted all of the documentation listed below to the Student Enrollment Center. Students do not need to be present at this appointment.

In addition to a valid custodial parent/guardian ID, you MUST bring the following documents with you to your enrollment appointment:

  • Original birth certificate (or) original hospital certificate with a seal (or) original Baptismal record with seal (or) passport;
  • Immunization (shot) records;
  • If enrolling from a foreign country for the first time, proof of negative tuberculosis (TB) test is required.
  • A current lease (signed by landlord & tenant) or signed & recorded deed or two different utility bills (in the parent or guardian’s name & dated within the last 30 days) or signed home purchase settlement statement to prove residency;
  • In the case of divorce or change of custody, a court document signed by a judge, dated and time-stamped.
  • Special Education Documents (504 Plan, IEP or ETR), if applicable.
  • If biological parents are divorced, a parent must provide the South-Western City School District with the divorce decree, shared parenting decree, and the shared parenting plan. The documents must state that the parent enrolling the student is the residential parent for school placement. (Frequently Asked Questions about Enrollment & Custody Issues)
  • A foster parent enrolling a student must provide all of the documents given to them by Franklin County Children Services (FCCS), and the court order or temporary order of custody (TOC) showing that FCCS has custody.
  • A grandparent enrolling a student must provide a dated and time-stamped order of custody or a time-stamped grandparent caretaker affidavit from the Franklin County Juvenile Court.

Review the Student Enrollment Center Checklist to ensure you have gathered all of the documents you will need for your appointment at the Student Enrollment Center (ENR-040/s):

Please also print the following SWCSD forms, complete them, and take them with you to your appointment:

Forms for families living with friends/families who OWN or RENT a home in SWCSD:

SWCSD Student Enrollment Center Map

4079 Gantz Road, Suite C2 |Grove City, Ohio

Phone: 614-801-6280 | Fax: 614-801-2253

Monday-Friday from 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.