Gallery Walk

The Assignment

Part A

As you go through the various stations (images for each station are linked below), record your observations on the chart.

  1. For the first box (Summary of Images), pick four pictures and write a brief summary of the image itself and the text.
  2. For the second box (Close Reading), choose the image that you think best tells the story. Then write a detailed description, noticing small details and drawing conclusions of your own.
  3. For the third box (Major Terms), look at all the images and make some note about common themes, ideas and terms that are relevant and/or important.

Part B

You will then use this information to create an audio slideshow in Powerpoint.

  1. Create a Powerpoint slide show
  2. Select images from the folders below
  3. Narrate the slides while recording
  4. Convert PPT to MP4 video.
  5. Save video to Google Drive (File Name: 3rd Immigration O'Fallon)
  6. Share with Mr. Altena

Evaluation (For Narrated Video)

Level Two: Generally describes the process of immigration to the United States, making reference to each of the four stations we encountered in class.

Level Three: Tells the story of immigration with specific details for each stage of the gallery walk. Highlights several images, but focuses on a close reading of one.

Level Four: Completes previous level. Interprets gallery walk with reference to both the earlier history of immigrations to the United States and relevant concerns today.

Info Chart

Immigration Gallery Walk.pdf

Image Gallery