The American Laborer

Unit Guide-The American Laborer.pdf
Unit Terms-American Laborer.pdf

Servants and Slavery

Jackson and the Debt

Tariffs! Tumultuous History With Tariffs.pdf

I've Had Days Like This. Pain Felt.

Annotation Focus Questions

  • What have been the arguments for/against tariffs?
  • Which regions/aspects of the economy have been helped and hurt by tariffs?
  • How have the arguments about the tariff responded to the development of the nation and changes within the economy over time?

The Gilded Age

Gold and Silver and Farmers, oh my

What statement is being made about Mr. Howe and inventors like him? Has an angel crowned you lately?

Crisis of

The New Deal

Franklin D. Roosevelt: First Inaugural Address. U.S. Inaugural Addresses. 1989.pdf
1930s Primary Documents.pdf

The Reagan Revolution

To what extent was Ronald Reagan able to keep his promises and stay true to his ideas about taxes and spending?