Get on your bike

Exercise is important for our good health.

I am a 10 year old boy who loves riding my bike, getting fit and being out in the fresh air.

This website is to encourage children who are not confident on their bikes, to gain bike skills and get fit, while having fun on their bikes.

That's why it's good to have bike tracks and cycle ways and it can save you money when you are older if you bike everywhere. Biking is also good for the environment because less cars means less pollution.

I hope to persuade my school to fundraise for a school biking track around the edge of our playground, so we can all learn to ride our bikes confidently. Because we live in the country where we don't have footpaths, a school riding track would be a great place to learn and practise our bike skills in a safe place.

There's other ways we can have fun on our bikes also. The Burwood Forest Mountain bike track is one of my favourites as well as the Christchurch Adventure Park. Christchurch is developing many cycleways which are safe to use as they keep you away from the busy roads and give cyclists their own space away from traffic. You'll find information on all these on this website.